14 September 2012

Bragging Rights

Remember that one time I had a blog?  

And then life got INSANELY busy and I had to put it on the back burner?

Well.... before I give an update of the craziness that has been the past couple months - I'm popping in to do a little bit of bragging about my amazing, wonderful, incredible family :)

My husband started this crazy diet about 10 weeks ago.  Anyone that knows Mike probably wouldn’t consider him overweight, but he admittedly put on a few pounds of "baby weight" during my two pregancies that didn't seem to go away once the babies were here.  Anyways, back to this crazy diet.  For 3 weeks straight he ate ONLY: Eggs, cheese, meat, lettuce and green veggies (broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts, etc).  That’s IT.  No breads, sugar, fruit, seasoning, DRESSING…. YIKES!  He lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks.  And since then he has altered his diet to minimize carbs and sugar (I try not to tempt him too much – as my diet IS carbs and sugar!), still eating mostly meats, cheeses, eggs, and veggies.  After 10 weeks hes down nearly 25 pounds!!!!  I told him he's going to melt away and he better slow down because he's making me look bad!  But really, I'm so proud of him.  So cool that he stuck with this and has had amazing results!


what can I say about this non-stop talking 29 month old?!  She amazes us everyday, but the top of our lists right now is her potty training skills.  She has been FULLY 100% potty trained for about 3 months.  That means #1 and #2 – on the potty – ALL THE TIME.  And now she can do it all by herself – yep, getting on the (normal – not the training) potty, wiping, flushing, putting her pants back on, etc.  She doesn’t even want our help anymore.   We often catch her running down the hallway saying "I'M PEEING!" and then into the bathroom, shuts the door behind her, and shes out a few minutes later for us to help with washing hands and then she's all ready to play again!  I hope this wasn't TMI, but really this is a big step in a toddler's life and her mommy (and daddy, too!) is VERY proud!

Even though this babbling 9 month old doesn’t always sleep through the night, he is the sweetest, most laid-back little guy I could ever hope for.  Now that he is mobile (crawling and coasting) he is getting into EVERYTHING – from his sisters toys, to my purse, to dad's shoes.  My biggest bragging point with this kid is his ability to eat.  HE LOVES FOOD.   Oatmeal, fruits and veggies, dry cereal – he loves it all.  I think he may set a record for the fastest jar of baby food consumed.  I find it SO hard to believe that he's already to the point of eating soft table foods.  How did my baby boy grow up so fast?!

I need to brag a little bit about my awesome sister.  Did you know she graduated from college less than 16 months ago and in a little over a year she has gone from Trainee, to Management Assistant, to Assistant Manager, to Branch Manager, to DUAL Branch Manager with Enterprise Rent-A-Car?!  I don’t think my congratulations even begin to express how PROUD I am of her.  I always knew she would be successful, but she has totally found her niche with Enterprise and is destroying every record in her path.  LORI IS AMAZING!  I can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the future!

A post on our BUSY, CRAZY summer is soon to follow.  I just HAD to do a little bragging first about some very special people!