21 October 2013

{Our Two Weeks} - 10/7/13 - 10/20/13

Madden is really making us laugh lately.  His favorite word is "OK", but how he says it is too funny.  It comes off as an annoyed, "Ohh - KAAYYYY".  For example:
"Madden, it's bathtime"
"Come on, you can have the shark towel :)"
"Ohh - KAYYYY!  Ohh - KAYYYY!"

Mariah's favorite activity lately is writing letters and drawing pictures for her daycare friends.  She spends many hours with her paper and markers creating some pretty cool art :)

We also had conferences for Mariah last week.  She's doing so good!  Her report card was great - she knows all her shapes and colors, it starting to recognize some letters, follows directions and plays well with her friends!  We couldn't be more proud of her :)

Mariah also wrote her name by herself for the first time this week!

Not much new with Mike & I.  I am in the process of recovering our kitchen table chairs - and thankfully Mike is handy with a screwdriver and could assist me in this project that I know he is SO excited about ;)

Mariah's best quotes seem to come when we are all in the car.  This week was no exception!

Out of nowhere Mariah said "Guys, this is just NOT my day."


Weekend of 10/12 to 10/13

On Saturday morning we gathered up a couple superheroes and brought them to the Mel Foster Pumpkin Day.  They had fun checking out the petting zoo, playing games, getting candy and of course picking out some pumpkins!

Sunday we painted our pumpkins and also made some fun "SOCK PUMPKINS"!

We ended the weekend with some cookie baking - the little monster eye cookies were so fun and easy!

Weekend of 10/19 to 10/20

Friday afternoon we saw Disney Pirates and Princesses at the iwireless center.

Mariah was the perfect age and really loved it!

Madden got a little stir-crazy in the second half (once the food ran out). :)

Saturday we headed to Dubuque for Hunter's 4th bithday party!  The kids played hard and had fun!

Sunday we got our fall family photos done!

Here's an out-take for good measure :)


08 October 2013

{Our Two Weeks} - 9/23/13 - 10/6/13

Madden must be going through a growth spurt lately, or maybe it's just the fact that the sun is coming up later in the morning.  Typically he's the first one up, but lately we've had to wake up the little dude when he's sound asleep in his crib curled up with his favorite blanket.  Kids are kind of like dogs though, they just pop right up and are ready to take on anything! (I wish I had that same capability...).

Mariah has decided that jumping off of a stool in the living room into a pile of blankets and pillows is a great activity.  She's currently working on trying to "stick the landing" without letting her hands touch the ground.  We will see how that goes :)

She's also into Doc McStuffins lately.  Our neighbors gave us a pair of scrubs for dress up and she can't get enough of them!

The past two weeks in school Mariah got to be a chef and bake cookies!  She also learned about fall and leaves! :)

Mike and I are keeping busy as usual - although we are sad that Dexter is over!  That was the one show we watched... so now we need to find another one.  And, unlike most people, I actually thought the ending was good!  Very true to Dexter :)

Mariah woke up on Saturday morning around 6:30 and came running in to our room saying she was hungry.

Mike: "OK Mariah, you can have ANYTHING you want for breakfast.  What would you like?"

Mariah: "MAC & CHEESE!"

Ha... ok... so maybe not that...


And the kids are loving it :)

(Mariah and I drew a penguin family!)



My little brother is growing up so fast!  A junior already - on his way to homecoming :)

Me and my favorite little (big) girl! :)