Everyone loves it.
Especially my 2 year old daughter.
And AMAZINGLY enough we discovered that with her cow's milk allergy she does just fine with cheese.  Let me tell you, this opened a whole new world for her!  And I feel a little better knowing she's getting some calcium from cheese now.
I came across these little deep dish pizzas on this blog.  I thought we'd give them a try as a fun way for Mariah to help make dinner.  Turns out, they actually taste really good!  And they are so quick to throw together.  We all enjoyed these!
Mini Deep Dish Pizzas
Hamburger buns
Pizza Sauce
Toppings (we used Turkey Pepperoni)
This is so simple.  But the KEY here is what you do with the hamburger buns.  Separate the halves and roll them flat with a rolling pin (or even flatten them in your hands!  I may or may not have done that in a pinch!).  This makes the crust less bread-like and more dough-like.  Then spread sauce on flat bun and add cheese and any toppings you desire. Bake at 425 degrees for 6-8 minutes, or until cheese is melted.
I told you it was easy.  And a great way to use up any extra buns you have from grilling burgers! :)