30 June 2012

6 months old & list of 50 things to do in the next 6 months!

So did you know that my little guy is 6 months old.

Half way to a year.

NO WAY, right?

Check out this crazy kid! :)

Love him!

In other news... I haven't been doing so good at this blog thing lately.  And now here we are, the last day of June and I am only posting my 3rd post for this month!  What is it about summer that makes time fly EXTRA fast?  There seems to be a wedding, get-together or celebration of some sort every weekend!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fun events, but I hate to see summer go by so quickly!

I LOVE lists.  I make lists for pretty much everything I do.

Whether its grocery shopping (OBVIOUSLY list-worthy), errands I need to run that day, or items I need to pack for a trip.  Lists are essential.

My husband thinks I'm crazy (which is nothing new) and often mocks to others that "oh she can make you a list"... or something to that extent.

I'm OK with that though, because lists are really important.

Lists motivate you, keep you organized, and remind you of everything that you would have forgotten had it not been written down (really, how many trips can you go on where you forget your hairbrush?!)

Anyways.  I decided to come up with a list of 50 things I'd like to do in the next 6 months - some are small, others are big!  And since I am posting it out here for all to see I have EXTRA motivation to get this stuff crossed off :)

  1. Get 25+ items on Etsy
  2. Do one bridal fair for wedding invitations
  3. Develop wedding invitation portfolio
  4. Have a garage sale
  5. Make and order Mariah's a 2nd year shutterfly book
  6. Deep clean the garage
  7. Take kids on a trip (this will be FUN!  I can't wait!)
  8. Run the bix!
  9. Run one more race
  10. Finish a prayer shawl
  11. Join a ministry/group at church
  12. Go "vegetarian" for a week (I've always wanted to do this!)
  13. Make baby food
  14. Backup photos
  15. Try out my embroidery machine
  16. Knit/crochet a blanket
  17. Start using e-mealz.com
  18. Powerwash outside of house
  19. Go on a picnic
  20. Make sorbet
  21. Date night once a month
  22. Update baby books (why is this so tough to keep up on?!)
  23. Make a holiday craft with the kids
  24. Make quilt from baby clothes
  25. Schedule a home energy audit
  26. Do a bake and freeze meal day
  27. Host a holiday at our home
  28. Bring a meal to a friend in need
  29. Have a family movie night
  30. Make t-shirt yarn
  31. Blog twice a week
  32. Scan Mariah & Madden's day care projects
  33. Go on a walk by the river as a family
  34. Sort & file bills
  35. Shop at Aldi
  36. Set up savings accounts for Mariah and Madden
  37. Pay off highest interest student loan
  38. Start recycling (consistently!)
  39. Fly a kite with kids
  40. Learn the day care prayer before meal and say it 
  41. Go to the Farmer's Market
  42. Re-arrange Mariah's room for a toddler
  43. Re-purpose one clothing item
  44. Clean and organize laundry room
  45. Create a weekly meal plan (and post on blog!)
  46. Clean and organize Madden's closet
  47. Organize laundry room
  48. Make cover for ottoman (a microfiber ottoman is NOT ideal with kids)
  49. Wash all windows & window sills
  50. Update pictures on our walls (I think engagement pictures are slightly outdated at this point...!)
So here goes nothing.  6 months to complete 50 things - should be easy, right?!

Help keep me motivated - PLEASE! :)

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