19 May 2013

{Our Week} - 5/13/13 - 5/19/13

Madden turned a whopping 17 MONTHS old on Tuesday.  I cannot believe he's almost to the year and a half mark.  Crazy.  More words (and phrases!) were uttered this week by the little man, including hot dog and cupcake.  He also shocked everyone when he sang right along with the Happy Birthday song when we celebrated my sister Lori's 24th birthday this week.  We even caught him singing it to himself over the baby monitor the other day ;)  It's too cute!

Mariah is getting to that funny stage where she could fall down and bounce right back up, but if you hurt her feelings or she does something wrong she gets very upset.  I guess that's all part of the learning process you go through, right?  Love that sweet girl :)

Mike is keeping our garden alive so far!  It took a turn for the worse the few days after we planted, but recently has sprung back to life and the plants appear to be doing well.  I am very curious as to what the future holds for our "little" garden.

I had a work trip to Chicago this week.  It's always a nice change of pace from the day to day office environment.  I even got the opportunity to go for a run along the Lake Shore Trail early one morning.  Watching the sunrise with the view of the lake and the city was just gorgeous!!!  I would happily run EVERY DAY if that's what I got to look at :)  I also got the chance to meet up and have dinner with a good friend who lives near Chicago.  Overall, it was a good trip!

Mariah has been really into "Air Bud" on netflix this week.  The other evening she was searching around the toy room gathering items in a bag and then hopping on her scooter.  I asked her what she was doing and she said "Mom, don't talk.  I'm going to be late to soccer practice."

Turns out there's an Air Bud Soccer movie?  Who knew!

Ice Cream and Playing Outside!

This warm weather encourages two things: Ice Cream and Playing Outside!

We had both items covered this weekend :)

Many attempts to get the kids to sit and smile...

This is tough work

One smiles, the other doesn't...

And SWITCH (I think they do this on purpose :)

"Let's both look completely uninterested" ;)

Reading a book together before bed <3

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