27 May 2013

{Our Week} - 5/20/13 - 5/26/13

Madden has fully learned how to communicate with us.  Whether it's using words or grabbing our hand and dragging us over to something he wants to show us - he gets his point across!  I love seeing his face light up when he asks for something (for example, cereal) and I get it for him.  Such a big stage in development!

Mariah was not a fan of all the rain we had this week/weekend.  She LOVES riding her tricycle and eventually convinced us to let her ride it inside the house.  She has spent HOURS on that thing over the past few days doing loop after loop!  I think she'd do it all day long if we let her! :)

Mike and I went to a wedding of a friend in Des Moines on Saturday.  It was so nice and an absolutely gorgeous wedding and reception!  

After I picked the kids up from day care one day this week there was an ambulance with lights and sirens coming up behind us.  Mariah could hear it approaching and yelled "Mom!  It's an ELEPHANT!"  Then with a confused look she immediately said "No...ele...am... AMBULANCE!  An AMBULANCE Mom!".   I tried my best to hold back my laughter, I hate when words don't come out right :)


So many activities this weekend.  No wonder we are all exhausted!

For starters, we spent Friday evening at Fejevary Park - the kids had a blast playing in the giant sandbox and the playground.

Madden and the beloved rake we had to pry out of his hands when we left

It came with him everywhere!
Mariah trying out the balance beam!

We even got to see a couple horses!  Mariah is checking them out.

Saturday we made a morning trip to the library where the kids picked out a couple books to take to Grammie and Grampi's house!  Then it was off to Des Moines for Amelia & Justin's wedding!  Thanks to my sister for letting us crash at her place for the evening!

Sunday we had a baby shower for my cousin Sara and her husband Erik.  Their little girl is due in August! :)   We had a blast!  Played some fun games and enjoyed good food and company.

Played the dirty diaper game!  Guess the candy bar :)

Happy mom and dad to be!  And lots of yummy treats!

Mariah and Madden enjoyed the occasion, too! :)

To be young and carefree again.... ;)

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