02 July 2013

{Our Week} - 6/24/13 - 6/30/13

Madden was all about giving hugs and kisses this week :)  There's nothing sweeter 
than an 18 month old trying to give you an open mouth kiss on the cheek!  He also mastered blowing bubbles at swimming lessons on Saturday.  He was putting the bigger kids in the class to shame!

Madden had his 18 month check up this week.

His stats:
Weight: 23 lbs 14 oz
Height: 32 inches

My little boy is getting so big!!

Mariah is an ATHLETE.  Pretty sure this comes from her father, because any one that knows me knows that my athletic ability and my competitiveness is less than great.  HA

This week she mastered swinging a bat AND bumping a volleyball off of her forearms.  She's also doing great at catching a ball and she's been a frisbee-throwing champ for months now. 

OH!  And her swimming lesson teacher said this week that she was the BEST swimmer in the class.  Pretty sure she was beaming from ear to ear all day on Saturday. (Hey, now that swimming ability MIGHT have come from her momma!)

She makes us proud :)

Mike & I did an ab challenge for the entire month of June.  We really stuck to it and only missed a day or two for the whole month - which was REALLY good for us.  The final day (June 30th) we successfully completed 100 SITUPS, 200 CRUNCHES, 2 MINUTES PLANK and 60 PUSH UPS.  If you told me a month ago that I could have done that I would have laughed and said NO WAY.  But here we are at the end of the month and we DID it!  I have never felt my abs like this before- unfortunately there's still some layers on top that need to go away to show them off (haha).  In July we have plans to try out T-25 and maybe a CORE challenge as well!  Can't wait :)

Mariah's favorite phrase lately is "Jodie said....{fill in blank}".  Jodie is our day care provider and unfortunately get's blamed for a lot of Mariah's demands.

For example, one morning this week Mariah insisted that she couldn't wear the brown shorts I had picked out, stating "Jodie says I can't wear those shorts because they are too scratchy and she doesn't like them".

I also found out from Jodie that Mariah uses this phrase a lot during the day as well: "Jodie says you can't play with that toy and you need to give it to me so I can play with it".

YEP.  Poor Jodie.  Glad she's a good sport about it ;)

She has other tactics as well.

Like this weekend as we were getting ready for bed she said "Exercise is good for you, right Mom?  So that means I can go outside and ride my bike now!"


"Aye, Aye, MAYBE!"

(Her attempt to act like a pirate)
(Maybe = Matey.  hehe)


We enjoyed the nice weather this weekend (well, Sunday at least) with a walk/bike ride with the kids.  Mariah is SO fast on her bike - we had a hard time keeping up.

Madden enjoyed riding around in his little car we picked up at the second hand store earlier in the week :)

We even ventured on the bike path for a little bit.  At one point a biker was approaching us and Mariah freaked out, headed off into the grass, jumped off her bike and threw it to the ground.  I had NO idea what she was doing, but she informed me that she didn't want to get hit!  Oh, how I wish I had caught it on video because it was HILARIOUS to witness.

We even used the first harvest from our garden this week - BROCCOLI!  YUM :)

Gosh I love these kids.

Even if they are crazy... I guess we can only blame ourselves for that, right? ;)

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