15 July 2013

{Our Week} - 7/8/13 - 7/14/13

Uh oh!  My sweet little Madden is starting to get an attitude lately.  He's always been a laid back, go with the flow guy - but this week he started throwing mini tantrums and yelling "NO!" when we would ask him to do something.  I guess that's how it works as they inch closer to 2 - and being that he turned 19 months old this week that makes him closer to 2 than to 1!  How can it be?

My favorite phrases from Madden this week include: "shoe-ies" (shoes) and "see me" (which means "help me" - that one took a while to figure out!).

Mariah was all about crafts this week!  She spent a lot of time coloring, painting and making perler bead projects.  Our poor neighbors often get the bulk of Mariah's craft projects.  There is a 4 year old girl that lives across the court and Mariah likes to drop off presents at her front door.  It's pretty cute!  Mariah is also really into puzzles lately and its amazing how well she does with them!  We hit up a garage sale on Saturday and scored 4 puzzles for $2.  I love good garage sale finds :)

Mike started his training for the Bix this week.  I had no idea he wanted to run it, but he came up with a training plan and has been sticking too it!  On top of his road biking, that is.  It will be a fun thing to do together :)

I started a new job this week!  I am really enjoying it and it's a HUGE bonus that it's close enough to my house that I can run home for lunch and have some "extra time" in the morning and evening.  I knew that 45 minute round trip to Rock Island everyday for the last 4 years took time out of my day, but it's CRAZY how big of a difference it makes.  It's so nice to be working in public accounting again :)

My friend Megan shared this video earlier this week and let me tell you, this is 100% Mariah.  There's not a day that goes by where getting dressed is "easy"!

On Friday, Mariah refused to wear ANYTHING we picked out so we told her OK get yourself dressed.  She finally came downstairs wearing a glittery neon green skirt and an black embroidered air show t-shirt, with pink and white striped socks.

I asked "Mariah, are you REALLY going to wear that?"

Her response: "Yes I am because it makes me happy"

Whitewater Junction!

After a huge mom fail having the wrong dates for swimming lessons on Saturday morning and being that the kids were already in their swimsuits, it only made sense to head to a local pool!

It was our first time at Whitewater Junction in Rock Island and we had a blast!  We got there at 10AM right when they opened.  Mariah had fun trying out all the slides and there was plenty of fun things for Madden to do in the zero depth pool.

We had a great morning as a family and even worked in some of our own "swimming lesson" skills with the kids :)

Is "DIVA" the right word?

Oh, and as a side note, Mariah wore her goggles around her neck the entire time, refusing to put them on correctly.  Makes total sense, right?

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