08 May 2012

Golf Club Head Cover

My husband likes to make jokes about my hobbies.  I mean, what is wrong with me crocheting a blanket or knitting a hat?  OK... I SORT OF see why he makes the comments he does, but the truth is I LOVE crochet, knitting and cross stitch, too! :)

A little while back my husband asked if I could knit him a golf club head cover.  The only guidance he gave me was that he wanted it red and white with thick stripes.  You can imagine my surprise (and excitement!)  I love new projects!!!!

After some research I found a simple pattern and got right to work.  This project took me about a month as I only spent a few minutes knitting in the evening after kids were in bed.  

It's a very simple head cover, but we were both happy with how it turned out!

For those that want to crochet a golf club head cover - here are the basic steps!

  1. Cast on 25-40 stitches (this will depend on the club you are using it for.  In this case it was a hybrid club - I did around 30 stitches)
  2. Crochet the next 2 stitches, then purl 2 stitches, alternate every 2 until you finish the row.  Continue this pattern until you have reached the length of the base. (I used another club head cover to get the proper length)
  3. When you are ready to start the head, crochet the entire row, and then purl the next 2 rows, then crochet the next 2 rows.  Continue in the 2 purl/2 crochet rows switching colors as necessary.
  4. When you've reached the desired length of the head, bind off.  I choose to do a seam up the back and across the top to close the cover.  It worked great!  You could also decrease stitches for a more rounded top.

Do you crochet or knit?  What fun projects have you done lately?

If you don't crochet or knit... would you ever want to learn?


  1. I've always wanted to learn to knit or crochet. I have been envying this gorgeous blanket from etsy for a couple years now made with granny squares. I always wanted to learn but i don't know if i will ever have the chance! Nice job Michelle!

    1. You could totally pick up crochet or knit in no time! I pretty much taught myself how to knit (with my mom's help) but crochet was A LOT more challenging for me. I ended up taking a class at a yarn shop in Davenport. I could definitely teach you sometime if you want! :)