17 March 2013

Our Week - 3/11/13 - 3/17/13

Madden the Leprechaun
enjoying a St. Patty's day snack!
Madden is big time teething this week.  We can feel a couple molars coming in, which is making him a little (or a LOT) on the crabby side.  Poor guy, thankfully we all can't remember how much it hurts for our teeth to come in - but I can only imagine that pointy teeth cutting through your gums can't feel too good.  Extra hugs and tylenol are making things slightly more tolerable.

Mariah hard at work on an art project :)

Mariah is becoming increasingly better at negotiating and rationalizing things.  She always has some further explanation for why she needs another cup full of goldfish, or why that one cookie just isn't going to cut it.  She's also been really sweet with Madden this week - trying to talk to him when he's crying and figure out what is making him so upset.

Many layers on - ready for my outdoor run :)

Mike and I were forced to do our first runs of the year outside after our treadmill decided to give out on us.  I guess putting 50 miles a week on it (between both of us) was stretching it to the max!  Honestly though, it was a good time for it to happen as it forced us to get outside.  I love running outside, just not in below 50 degree temps.  Crossing my fingers that the weather continues to warm up as we inch closer to our half marathon in April!

So, this is nothing particularly new this week, but it's worth mentioning because its quite funny.  When Mariah is in bed at night she often has requests, but my favorite she when she asks for either Dad or me (usually Dad - she's most definitely a daddy's girl) saying:

"Can you lay with me for a 'lib a dit'?"

translation: 'little bit' :)

Visit with the Easter Bunny

We spent part of our Saturday at the mall.  Our plan was to grab a couple things and get out, but when we saw the Easter bunny was there we thought it might be worth a try.  

Mariah does not do so well with Santa, so we were expecting a similar reaction to the Easter bunny.  Madden, however, is cool with just about anything so when he beelined it toward the bunny to see what he was about, Mariah was inclined to follow him.

We ended up with a super cute picture :)

Kids on a ride at the mall :)

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