24 March 2013

Our Week - 3/18/13 - 3/24/13

Madden had his 15 month well check this week.

His stats:
23 pounds (50th percentile)
30 inches (11th percentile)

He did so great at his appointment.  Sat patiently and let the doctor check out his eyes, ears, nose, etc. Unfortunately the little dude had to get 2 shots :(  He wasn't too happy with me by the end of his appointment.

He's starting to say so many new words (ball, up, down, apple to name a few).  He even put together a sentence - "Hi Dada".  CUTE :)

Mariah got a new friend this week.  See the "activity" section below :)

Mike hurt his knee running his 11 miler - we were hoping it was just sore but it hasn't improved much over the past few days.  Hopefully its nothing serious :(

I did my first ever 12 mile training run.  While training for my last half marathon I never ran more than 10, but thought I would stick to the training plan and push myself to do 12.  It actually went pretty well!  I can't WAIT for the weather to get nicer so I can run outside more often.

Lets just start off by saying - Mariah has not adjusted well to the daylight savings time.

One night around 7:00 pm:

Me: "Mariah, it's getting dark outside.  That means, it's time for...."

Mariah: "LUNCH!  It's time for lunch!!!  It's time for lunch!!!"  (too much bubble guppies lately?!)

Meet MOBY!

Moby, an 8 week old mini goldendoodle, joined our family on Tuesday!  As if our lives weren't crazy enough, might as well throw a puppy in there too, right?

Mariah and Madden are in love with Moby.  Mariah is convinced that he is HER dog.  She makes sure he follows her everywhere, and if he doesn't she will gladly pick him up and take him where she wants him to go.  The first thing she wants to do in the morning is see her puppy.  Their favorite thing to do after playing is sit on the couch and watch cartoons.  It's beyond adorable!

Madden is so funny with Moby.  He pets him and brings him toys.  I think Moby takes a special liking to Madden since he is the closest to him in size :)

Moby definitely adds a whole new level of chaos to our lives.  Potty training a dog is oh so much fun - especially when it decides to snow.  YUCK.  But he's a smart dog, I'm sure he will get the hang of it soon (I hope!).

I'm sharing TWO photos this week :)

Just might be my favorite picture I've taken of my sweet little guy!
Mariah being her crazy self!  Had to climb in a basket just like Moby did :)

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