10 June 2013

{Our Week} - 6/3/13 - 6/9/13

Madden is all boy.  Everyone told me that boys will climb on EVERYTHING, but it seemed like Madden was pretty laid back.  Until recently.  Madden has turned into a little daredevil!  His favorite thing to do lately is crawl up onto the back of the couch and sit there laughing! He makes me so nervous but he thinks its hilarious!  Oh gosh, I wonder what’s next?!
My favorite word from him this week is “poppy” (ice pop).

I’m pretty sure Mariah is what you call a tomboy – and I’m totally OK with that.  Trying to get that girl to wear a dress is almost as hard as keeping the toy room clean and organized. J  And if she could play in the dirt all day I’m sure she would.  Maybe that goes for all kids, though?  She is definitely not grossed out by bugs (which is odd given the “funny words from Mariah” section below…).

I couldn’t be more proud of Mike – this week he received a much deserved promotion at work.  He is always successful with everything he does, but that is only because of his extremely hard work ethic and dedication.  We are so proud of him! :)

I ran my first 5k this weekend at the Race for the Cure.  It was a great experience!  I set a goal of 8 minute miles and clocked in at 8:03 miles.  I was very happy with that!  It was a gorgeous day for a race and so amazing to hear the stories of the breast cancer survivors.  What a wonderful organization and a great event!

Mariah: “Mom, did you know that I’m allergic to bugs?”
Me: “Oh you are?  I didn’t know that”
Mariah: “Ya – I’m allergic to bees.   And bugs make me sneeze.”

(Not even sure where she comes up with this stuff.  She hasn’t been stung by a bee before so we have no idea if she’s allergic – she must have heard it from someone! :p)

Swimming Lessons!

We enrolled the kids in their first ever swimming lessons which started on Saturday.
Madden is in the SHRIMP class – a parent-tot class for ages 6 months to 2 years.  We had so much fun singing songs, kicking our feet, splashing and even small jumps from the pool edge.  Madden did great and LOVED being in the water!

Mariah is in the PERCH class – also a parent-tot class for ages 2-4.  Mike took Mariah to her class and they had a blast!  Mariah had no problem following instructions and swimming around like a little fish!

We love the program at the YMCA so far!  It’s so good to get the kids exposed to the water.  I realize they won’t be swimming laps after this round of lessons, but getting them comfortable in the water is all we are trying for. 

Practicing his front float skills :)

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