18 August 2013

{Our TWO Weeks} - 8/5/13 - 8/18/13

Madden is a comedian - I am convinced.  Lately he's really enjoyed calling Mike by his first name (he must hear me say "Mike"?).  Mike of course is a little upset and corrects him and says "No, it's daddy". Then Madden looks at him with a huge grin and says "Mike!"  I can't help but laugh :)  

Madden turned 19 months old this week and I am so impressed with how well he takes directions.  Telling him something like "go get your shoes" - he is instantly heading towards the closet and comes back with his shoes.  Smart little dude (and less work for mom and dad as he gets more independent!).

Oh and he also got his first shiner this week!  The result of Mariah's scooter hitting him in the head and flattening him. :( I know he's a boy and it's bound to happen, but it made me so sad!  He took it like a champ!  I think his only tears were the result of me freaking out!

Mariah started PRESCHOOL this week!  She couldn't have been more excited about it.  Just the mention of preschool brought a HUGE smile to her face.  We spent the past couple months doing "test runs" of preschool drop off (which consisted of us walking her into the living room, giving her a hug and telling her to have a good day as she waved bye!).  So when the day was FINALLY here I was a bit nervous that things might not go quite so smooth.  BOY WAS I WRONG.  Mariah walked up with her teacher, turned around and waved "BYE GUYS! SEE YOU LATER!".  I managed a quick wave and turned around so she couldn't see the tears in my eyes.  I can't wait to see all she learns, the friends she makes and the activities she will do! :)

Mike had quite the busy two weeks!  He spent 8 days traveling for work (one week in PA, one week in Las Vegas).  He survived some intensive training during those days and we are so proud of him!  And of course glad to have him back home and into our normal routine again! :)

This weekend Mike & I competed in the Du State Du.  I run/bike duathlon in Illinois.  We registered as a 2 person team and Mike did the biking while I did the running.  We did pretty good for our first time in an event like that!  I averaged about 7:45 min miles (4 total) and Mike conquer a super challenging/hilly 15 mile bike ride in about 45 minutes.  It was quite an experience and Mike is convinced that he will be doing a Triathlon next year and I should, too!  YIKES.  We will see about that one.

Oh and in other news - we booked a vacation to Riviera Maya later this fall!  We are so overdue for a little getaway (just Mike and I) so we took the plunge and booked a trip to an all inclusive resort.  I absolutely cannot wait!  We are going to consider it a late 5 year anniversary trip! :)

And even more news.... my etsy shop is continuing to grow and is doing well!  I am really enjoying the custom orders and working with customers from all over the country!  Contact me if you ever need any invitations or party decor :)

On Mike's second week of being out of town after I picked the kids up from day care Mariah asked if Daddy was home yet.  After I told her no, not yet he's still working she responded:

"Daddy's taking for ages to come home!"

PLANES Movie (8/10)!

Last weekend we took the kids to their first movie - PLANES!  Only makes sense, right? :)

They both did surprisingly well!  The theater had nice booster seats for kids and as long as we kept the popcorn within reach for Madden all was good!

We made it through about 90% of the movie (aka when the popcorn ran out).

But I definitely consider that a success!!!

Bike Ride to the Park (8/17)!

This weekend we hooked the bike trailer up and took our first bike ride with the kids.  We packed a picnic lunch and ventured out on a couple mile ride to a nearby park.  The kids did great in the trailer and had so much fun!

ICE CREAM!  Aren't they just the sweetest :)

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