10 August 2013

{Our Week} - 7/29/13 - 8/4/13

Madden is in love with Elmo - have I mentioned that before?  I wonder how kids get so hooked on Elmo - I'm pretty sure he was saying "Elmo" before we even exposed him to Elmo.  This week alone the kid got 2 new Elmo movies and an Elmo night light.  He also goes to bed every night with a stuffed elmo and his favorite jammies are, you guessed it, ELMO! :)  Madden also started saying "thank you" this week (gotta start manners at a young age, right?).  It sounds more like "hey coo" - but it sure is sweet :)

Madden also had his FIRST haircut this week.  This boy had some major curls going on and the humidity was making it a bit crazy!  Bye bye baby curls! (Oh, and we didn't take any pictures mid-haircut because he was one very unhappy boy.  Poor dude!)

Mariah got some roller skates this week!  We have an awesome second hand store where we an account for stuff we've brought in and sold - every now and then we bring the kids there and let them pick out a new toy.  Roller skates were Mariah's choice (she calls them "roller scapes")!  They are those kid ones where you wear your shoes with them, and the don't "roll" very much.  But she LOVES them (even if she more or less "walks" in them).

Mike and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this week (WHAT?!) with a trip to Williamburg.  Conveniently it was tax free day in Iowa, so we loaded up on clothes and shoes for the kids!  We even got a chance to stop by my cousin's house and meet baby Katie!  She is beyond adorable - such a sweetie! :)

Mariah: "Hey Mom!  Look at this!"

Me: "Oh ya cool Mariah"

Mariah: "No Mom, turn your head and look with your eyes!"

(I'm guilty :(  And she knows it!)

Putnam Museum

We won a family membership to the Putnam Museum earlier this year but had yet to go there.

We decided on Sunday that it would be a fun little activity for the family.

The kids had fun checking out all of the displays and playing with all the interactive stuff.

We can't wait to go back and explore again!

Madden had a blast playing this drum at the Putnam!

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