30 August 2013

{Our Week} - 8/19/13 - 8/25/13

Madden LOVES puzzles.  It's his favorite thing to do lately.  Those big block piece ones are his favorite.  He gets a little frustrated when he can't get it to fit in quite right, but with a little help from Mom, Dad or big sis he gets it to fit and claps in excitement :)

Mariah is doing AWESOME at preschool!  She absolutely loves it.  It is so fun picking her up - she goes on and on about the fun projects they did and all the new friends she's made.  Also - I'm pretty sure Mariah is going to be an athlete.  Put a bat in her hand and she can whack that ball!  What age does tee ball start? :)

Mike has turned into a workout buff!  There's not a day that goes by where he's not out on his bike or lacing up his running shoes.  He's already committed to running the QC half marathon in September (I am still trying to make up my mind!).

I am into WEEK 7 of my workout training program (T25).  I wasn't a huge fan at the start of it, but kept pushing through, and now I'm finding that I really love it!  (Well, I don't LOVE doing it, but I love the results so far!).

In an attempt to get Mariah to go to bed I told her that I was going to cancel preschool the next day unless she went to sleep.

Her response: "Mom, you can't cancel school.  It's too big!!"

Darn, she's right.  Too smart for her own good. :\


On Saturday we did the Color Me Rad 5k in Moline.  I was a last minute decision to bring the kids and walk it - but so glad we did!

We had a great time and the kids loved it!  We even let them get out of the stroller and walk through the finish line :)

We took the kids out for dinner at Happy Joe's on Friday.  It was probably one of the best out to eat experiences we've had in a long, long time.  We RARELY go out to eat because, well, let's just say its a little crazy with two kids.

They had fun coloring and of course the ice cream after dinner was a big hit! :)

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