18 September 2013

{Our TWO Weeks} - 9/2/13 - 9/15/13

Remember how I mentioned that we were starting to potty train Madden last week?  Well, after breaking out the Elmo Potty Time video he has used the potty 3 TIMES!  I take zero credit for this.  Mike got him to use the potty TWO times and the other was a day care.  Again, I know we have a ways to go, but after 3 1/2 years straight of changing diapers the thought of NOT having to is quite exciting!!!

Mariah continues to be a busy girl.  She has a best friend across the street (Addy) and these two just can't get enough play time with each other.  The other day Mariah actually had her first play date at Addy's house all by herself (granted, she was about 20 seconds away and was only there for 15 minutes).  Even though the girls are a couple years apart they sure have fun together!

The past 2 weeks in preschool the class focused on the letter "B" and read the book "Brown Bear Brown Bear" - one of Mariah's favorites!  They did lots of fun projects with animals from the book, got to bring their own bear to class one day and even had a "wear blue" day!  Thankfully Mariah's favorite color IS blue - so finding blue clothes to wearwas no problem ;)

Mike and I are gearing up for the half marathon on September 22nd.  I am nervous, but ready for the challenge!  Hope all goes well since running has not been my main focus lately.

In other news, HoneyBeanDesigns is continuing to thrive.  I'm working on some super fun Christmas items to go live in early November - so keep me in mind when it comes time to order your Christmas cards :)

Mariah loves waking up each morning and seeing if she "grew taller" over night.  One morning we woke her up and she stood up tall and said:

"I'm going to be a GIANT when I grow up.  And I'm going to live in Florida, too."

What?  Kids. :)

On September 8th we went to a Book Fair at the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds.  It was a fun event where every kid got to pick out one book of their choice.  Mariah choose "Pinkalicious" by Victoria Kann.  I thought it was a weird choice, but turns out its a super cute book that we've been reading every night since!

We also met up with Olivia at there and the kids had a blast playing on all the inflatables! :)

This past weekend (September 14th), Mike went off to the Iowa/Iowa State football game and the kids, my mom and I headed over to North Liberty to visit my cousin Sara and baby Katie.  What a sweet little girl - she's doing so well and had grown so much since I last saw her at just a couple days new :)

It was so funny to see Mariah and Madden interact with a little baby (and super crazy to think Madden was the same age Mariah was when HE was born).  Mariah was actually a big helper!  She enjoyed holding Katie's bottle and helping with a diaper change :)  Madden on the other hand - well - he spent most of the time playing around with all the baby toys, mostly oblivious.  haha :)

We even went out for some frozen yogurt to finish off the visit!

It was so fun to see all the cousins meet - they are going to have so much fun growing up together!

Two kids in a laundry basket - just a normal Sunday activity around here as they "help" with the laundry! :)

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