28 September 2013

{Our Week} - 9/16/13 - 9/22/13

Madden has so many phrases lately that make us laugh.  The most popular this week include:
"Riah take it" (translation - Mariah took it from me AGAIN!)
"Shoies on" (Get my shoes on)
"That's LOUD!" (Usually in reference to a vacuum cleaner or lawnmower)

He is also maxing out all of him 24 month clothes - hard to believe my little dude is into the toddler sizes already!  2T here we come!

Mariah is continuing to have fun in preschool.  I just love how she goes on and on when I pick her up from school.  This week was all about the letter "C" and they read the book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". 

She is also a budding photographer and begged to try out mom's big camera.  After many pictures of the floor, I helped her get a couple good ones ;)

Mike & I ran the Quad Cities Half Marathon on Sunday.  We were very happy with how it went!  The weather was perfect!  It's such a fun route to run.  I hope its something we can continue to do each year!

My mom is friends with one of the preschool assistants and they were talking about how the teachers enjoy Mariah.  I told Mariah that her teachers "think that she's a hoot"

Her response: "No Mom, don't say that dirty word!  I'm just Mariah."



We started a fun project of turning an old coffee table (garage sale find!) into a chalkboard play table for the kids.  I had a couple helpers with priming and painting the table.

The next step is to finish painting the base and maybe even paint a road on top for Madden to use for his cars.  Will post again when its complete :)



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