10 February 2013

Our Week - 2/4/13 - 2/10/13

So, this past week was a good one.

Madden has two loves right now: phones (iphone, toy phones, banana phone - doesn't matter!) and cookies.  This kid spots a phone from across the room he HAS to have it.  Same goes for cookies.  I can't say I blame him on the cookies, though!

Mariah has been fighting sleep like crazy lately.  We start our bedroom routine around 7 with baths and pajamas and then hang out watching cartoons until about 7:45.  Madden goes to bed with no problems, but Mariah will be in her room reading, playing with toys and roaming around for HOURS.  I mean, when Mike and I go to bed (around 10:30) - she's STILL UP.  And that means, come 6:30 AM we cannot wake her up for anything.  She actually asks us for "10 more minutes of sleep".  Um... 2 going on 16?  I didnt know we had a teenager here!  Lately shes been changing her outfit as well, so we find her in strange clothes in the morning when she finally gets herself out of bed...

Mike was a huge help this week (he ALWAYS is, but even more so over the past few days).  I was fighting a sinus infection earlier in the week, so he did a LOT with the kids, including getting up with one or the other in the middle of the night.  He's a trooper.  I'm lucky he puts up with me! ;)

I attended a basic camera class on Saturday and learned SO much about shooting in manual.  I've had my DSLR camera for over 4 years now and FINALLY feel like I learned enough to put it to proper use.  Right now I take all my blog post photos with my iphone (quick and easy!), but maybe when I get more comfortable with my real camera I will get better pictures on here!

We formed a train in the living toom this afternoon using our kitchen table chairs (Mariah's request).  We all took our seat on the "train" and Mariah headed to her front "driver seat".  She turned around and said:

"Hello and welcome to my train!  Thanks for riding with me, guys!"  

Valentine's Day Cookies!

We made heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with red and pink icing and lots of sprinkles.

Mariah had a blast with it!

I was actually surprised with how well she did - this girl can squeeze out icing and pour sprinkles like no one's business.

I love that some of the cookies have her special touch :)

We also put together a plate of cookies to take to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hopper for an early Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift!  60 YEARS OF MARRIAGE on Thursday (Valentine's Day!)

Kids watching cartoons and eating their valentine's day cookies

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