17 February 2013

Our Week - 2/11/13 - 2/17/13

Madden and Mariah have been getting along so well this past week.  I catch them playing together, making each other laugh, etc.  It's so cute.  I sure hope it's something that continues :)

Mike was such a sweet husband and father this week - for Valentines day he got his girls some special gifts, which included lots of chocolate. 

Mike and I have gotten really good at making up yummy dishes from the random things we have on hand.  For example, yesterday we whipped up a grilled cheese with turkey, bacon and avocado on Texas toast!  YUM!  It was better than any sandwich we could have bought and used up some avacados that were almost going to go to waste!  It's amazing what you can throw together with ingredients you have on hand.  And obviously save the money you would have spent to eat out.

"I can't go because I stopped, Mom"

I guess that's an accurate statement, right?? :)

Grandma & Grandpa Hopper's 60th Wedding Anniversary

My grandparents hosted a lovely get together for our family to celebrate 60 years of marriage.  What an amazing milestone!  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Machine Shed and then went back to their home to open gifts and spend time with family.

In early January, a couple other family members and I had the idea of putting together a memory book as a surprise for my grandparents. We had everyone (children and grandchildren) send in special memories they had with their parents/grandparents over the years.  I volunteered to put the book together.  It was a fun project and worth every single moment of my time.  I could see the happiness and joy in my grandparents eyes when they opened the book and began reading through the memories.

It was a wonderful gathering.  So great to see family and give our love and congratulations to two very special people!

Sometimes I let the kids do my housework ;)

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