11 February 2013

"Wheelie" Sweet & Easy Valentines

With Valentine's Day just a few days away I wanted to be sure the kids had some cute Valentines to pass out to their friends.

My plan was to keep it simple and fun - luckily the kiddos let me have free reign on their "theme" this year.  I have a feeling my ideas will be vetoed in the years to come ;)

I came across both of the ideas on Pinterest, but put my own spin on them using some of the supplies I had on hand.  Both projects took just minutes to do and cost very little.

Madden's "Wheelie" Cute Valentine

Boys and their toys!

This was the perfect Valentine for Madden and BONUS it doesn't result in a sugar high - just a sweet little toy car for his Valentines.

I typed up the phrase using photoshop and printed it out on cardstock, then stuck it in a plastic sleeve with a little dollar store car (3 pack for $1!).  

These were "wheelie" simple and fun!

Mariah's Sweet Arrow Valentine

Cupid's arrow was the perfect place for a heart shaped chocolate candy.

I used this printable and added the chocolate and a glittery heart sticker to fancy it up.  Then I stuck the whole card in a plastic sleeve to give it a nice finished look.

Easy and adorable! <3

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