28 March 2012

A Busy Week!

My apologies for the break in blog posts.  The last week has been busy!  For starters, our water heater decided to go out last Tuesday evening.  Wouldn't have been a huge deal, but Mike was scheduled to go out of town the following afternoon.  Thankfully my Dad saved the day and got us a new water heater installed by Thursday afternoon.  (I only had to take two cold showers, which is not something I ever want to do again!)

There it is!  Our new water heater. 
Maybe not so exciting to you, but let me tell you this was the highlight of my day last Thursday! :)

 Wednesday through Saturday it was just me and the kids.  This was my first big span of time alone with both of em – getting them off to day care and me to work, fixing meals, giving baths, putting to bed, etc.  I was a little nervous for all of it since Mike is a HUGE help, but both kids were SO good while their daddy was gone and we had a lot of fun just the three of us!

Mike came home on Saturday and the kids and I decided to surprise him at the airport.  We got there just as the plane was landing and Mariah thought it was SO neat!  She was beyond excited to see her daddy!

Well the busy-ness didn't stop once Mike was home.  On Monday evening we had a photoshoot with Jennifer Jayne Photography.  Since Madden just turned 3 months and Mariah is almost 2 I thought it would be perfect timing to capture those milestones and get some precious sibling photos.  I got the kids adorable outfits from Childrens Place (which will double as their Easter outfits!).  They were all decked out and ready to go.  Once we got there, however, Mariah had no intentions of being in any pictures.  She would much rather pull props off the shelves, play with toys and ignore anything we said.  Needless to say, it turned into a giant photoshoot of our little guy!  All we could do was laugh!  Oh toddlers - you sure cant make them do anything they don't want to do! J

I also blame my lack of blogging on the fact that the weather has been so nice lately. We've made a LOT of trips to the park.  We are lucky to have one just a couple blocks away… but the down side is that Mariah can see it out our back door so she wants to go every chance she can!  With Mariah's birthday in just a couple weeks (how is she going to be 2 already?!) we are considering getting a swingset for our backyard – just a small one, but something she can play on while dinner is in the oven or while Madden is taking a nap.

I can't believe March is almost over, but I'm not complaining because April is definitely my favorite month of the year!  Between Easter, my birthday and Mariah's birthday we have a lot of fun things coming up! J

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