23 April 2012


My little girl's favorite color is BLUE.

Who would have guessed after all of the pink I forced on her from birth?! :)

The only problem is she wants EVERYTHING in blue.

This includes clothing, food, drinks, toys, etc.

For example, she only wants her dinner on her blue plate.  Well... since we have a rainbow of colors I end up having to wash the blue plate every night.  Same goes with the cups which match the rainbow of plates...

Toothbrush?  Blue.
(Note: She doesn't realize that the blue toothbrush is "grumpy"!)

Potty seat? Blue.

Coat?  Blue.
 (Note: she was pretend-sleeping at breakfast this morning)

Jello? Sprinkles? Markers?
You got it!

Next I will be painting the walls in her room blue (joking... i hope!!!).

Really though, I think its cute that she has her favorite color!  

And we will do our best to accommodate it! :)

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