04 April 2012

Happy April!

It;s birthday month for my daughter and me!  I will be 27 on April 17th and Mariah will be 2 on April 20th!  I know what you are thinking... how is it possible that my little baby girl is nearly 2 years old?!!
 She can hardly wait for her birthday festivities and I have fully realized that my birthday means nothing anymore – but really, this is OK with me!  I'd rather not think about how old I am anyways!

This is how conversations have been going around here for the last couple weeks:

Me: Mariah!  It's almost your birthday!

Mariah: Birthday!

Me: How old are you going to be?

Mariah: Two… three!

Me: Yes, two… not quite three yet!  Are you excited for your birthday?

Mariah: Yes, eat it! (I assume she's talking about cake here? Not too sure)

Party planning is in full swing around here.  My husband thinks I am crazy (but that's nothing new!).  I cant help it that pinterest has exposed me to so many cute ideas!
It's hard to believe that a whole year has already gone by since Mariah's 1st birthday party.  Let's take a look back at that fun day.  Her theme was "CUPCAKES!" and boy, did we have cupcakes!

Snickers cupcakes!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes!

Mariah's huge cupcake (smash cake!)

Table decor

Pizza cupcakes!

Note: this was BEFORE we knew about her allergies....

Aww my sweet baby girl!

 I'm so excited to celebrate her 2nd birthday in just a couple weeks.  We are doing a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme!  It should be a great time! :)

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