13 July 2012

Mmm Mmm Brownies

The other day I was craving something chocolatey after dinner.  I needed brownies - ASAP!

I always have a brownie mix or two in my pantry, so I was shocked to see that I was out.

Now desperate for brownies, I did a quick Google search and opened the first recipe I found: Mmm Mmm Brownies!  Sounded easy enough.  Maybe I can have those brownies after all...!

Let me tell ya, these were some quick, awesome brownies!  Definitely lived up to their name.  Almost more cake-like (which is the way I like them!) and I am so thankful for the Pampered Chef brownie pan which not only makes them perfectly sized but also ensures each piece has the outer edges we all love!  I topped the brownies with some whipped milk chocolate frosting (out of the can) and mini chocolate chips, for fun.

Mariah loved them, too.  She even asked if she could take one to her room and eat it there.  Since she has a little table in her room I said sure, why not?!  When she came out of her room moments later with chocolate smeared on her face (including her forehead) I got a little nervous.  I quickly made my way to her room to find a big chocolate smear on her freshly cleaned sheets and pillow case.  New rule: No food in the bedroom! :)

Mmm Mmm Brownies!  Make em!

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