02 January 2013

New Year - New Goals!

2012 was a truly wonderful year.
So much to be thankful for, so many memories made and events celebrated.
But I must say I'm excited for what's ahead now that its 2013!

Do Stuff as a Family
After working all week long I often think we would enjoy a weekend at home.  My thought is that way I can clean as I get a spare second here and there.  Truth is we all get stir crazy FAST and the kids end up making messes which just means more cleanup.  I am going to search for free kids activities on the weekends or even just going to visit family for a couple hours.  I think this will make for much happier kids (and parents!).

Lose those last 15 pounds - and KEEP em off
What is a new year without a new weight loss goal?  I was so ready to get this one going after all the holiday sweets and treats!  I feel like this is going to be the year for this goal!!!

Run 4 Races
I started running last year and fell in love.  With the snow and cold weather I had lost all motivation and the thought of running on a treadmill everyday did NOT sound fun.  But I am re-energized now with a whole bunch of interval treadmill workouts and am anxious for the weather to warm up!  On my list for sure this year are: the Bix and the QC Marathon (half or full?! Yikes, will determine that at a later date!).  Mike wants to start running a bit, too... so many a 5K and 10K in there?

Be MORE Creative
My husband would say that I do this plenty... but there's always room for more crafts and fun projects!  I love being creative and Pinterest has only added to it!  The problem with Pinterest is that I post WAY too many projects and don't give myself time to do them.  My goal is to complete ONE per month (and blog about it!) - totally do-able right?

Oh, and I also want to expand my offerings on Etsy.  I had 5 sales last year with barely anything out there and no marketing - so who knows what could happen?!

The purpose of my blog was to talk about my family and our day-to-day life.  Short and simple: I have not done well!  Granted a one year old and a two year old keep me (well, US) a little busy ;)

I plan to do a weekly update, even its just to recap an event from the week or a funny story about something a little one said.  Those are the things we need to remember, right?  Of course I still love to bake and craft, so some of those things may pop up as well!

Here's to 2013!! :)

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