06 January 2013

Our Week - 12/31/12 - 1/6/13

So... what happened this week around here?
  • Madden said his first word - CRACKER!  This kid likes food... a lot! :)  He also started taking a few steps on his own - he's going to be walking any day now I think!
  • Mariah decided she hates bed time - she insists that the door should remain wide open and the light should be on.  With this situation we often find her running down the hall way and whispering down the stairs that she "needs water", "has to go potty" or "needs a new stuffed animal to sleep with".  Oh two year olds :)
  • Mike bowled a 279 in league this week - not too shabby after taking two years off!
  • I went back to work full time after 9 months of working 32 hour weeks (blah) and FINALLY got my butt off the couch and started running again after a month-long hiatus

  • This week on the way to day care she told me that she was going to buy two houses - one for her and one for Madden - using her piggy bank money.  Then she thought about it for a minute and said... "No, my house wouldn't fit in my piggy bank!"
  • We usually give Mariah a dollar to put in the collection basket at church on Sunday.  Today we gave her two dollars and she proceeded to put one in her pocket and said "One for Jesus, one for me!"

Family Museum

We met up with one of my co-workers and her family.  The kids had a blast checking out all the new exhibits!  Here are a few pictures from our fun afternoon:

Mariah insisted on wearing this giraffe costume and dancing :)

New indoor water play area!  So fun!

Bridge with windows in the floor to watch the fishies

Madden in the driver's seat

Playing with trains!

Watching the pennies go round and round

Little musician in the making!

Moral of the story: Get TWO doughnuts! :)

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