27 January 2013

Our Week - 1/21/13 - 1/27/13

Madden is doing so many new things so quickly!  This age is SO fun!  This week Madden held a phone up to his ear and said "HELLO".  He has also been saying "Thank You" when we hand him something.  Of course it comes out more like "eh ooh", but he's saying it intentionally and we can understand him :)

Mariah has become very picky about the socks she wears.  She really only wants to wear the couple pairs of Hello Kitty socks she got for Christmas.  Which often results in me washing those two pairs a couple times a week.  OK I admit, she sometimes wears the same pair two days in a row.

I am busy with work.  Tis the season!  But I like being busy!

Mike officially has a running addiction.  He spent way too much money on running gear this week - but hey, it's a good addiction! :)

 Preface: I tend to call Madden "Buddy" - it's his little nickname that just kind of stuck.

The other day I accidentally called Mariah "Buddy".

She looked at me with a very angry face and said:

"NO!  Don't call me that!  I'm RIAH!!!"

Painters tape and a blank canvas!
Note: Hello Kitty socks :) 

Let the painting begin!

Artist hard at work!

Finished product!

The start of the gallery wall above Mariah's bed :)

Just watching shows on the ipad.  Totally normal activity for a 13 month old!


  1. Great! Love reading these. Keep up the GREAT work and RECORD KEEPING!!!

    Mom, Grammie

    1. Glad you enjoy :) It will be fun to look back on someday!

  2. I LOVE the canvas painting project....totally going to have Westin do one! Enjoy your short blog every week

    Jess P

    1. Thanks Jess! It was a super easy project - with a cute result :) You will have to post a picture of Westin's if you try it!