20 January 2013

Our Week - 1/14/13 - 1/20/13

Madden is just showing off with his walking skills now.  He goes from one place to the next with complete confidence.  This week he learned how to stand up on his own in the middle of a room and then take off walking!

Mariah's food allergies are improving drastically!  Months ago, a bite of ice cream would cause a rash all over her face.  But this week she successfully ate not only ice cream but even drank a glass of chocolate milk!  (Although she doesn't like to call it "milk", she prefers "hot chocolate" - but who cares what you call it... she had milk with no reactions!)

Mike & I celebrated his upcoming birthday (January 22nd) with a night out - dinner and an Iowa basketball game.  We had such a great evening and the hawks won, too!!! :)  

We are continuing our training for the half marathon in April.  I also started a Zumba class this week (on Thursday nights).  It's something different that gets me out of the house for an hour or so.  I like it so far!

Mariah has become quite the backseat driver.  Many times this week you could hear shout:

"STOP Mom, red light!"

"Go Dad, it's green!  GO DAD GO!!!!!"


On Saturday we dropped Madden off for a fun couple hours at Grandma & Grandpa house and Mike, Mariah and I headed to the bowling alley.

We got Mariah all set up with bumpers and an 8 lb ball.  Of course she is a bit to young to understand how bowling works, but she had fun letting us help her roll the ball down the lane.

Mike and I had fun, too.  I hadn't touched a bowling ball in 4 years so I was NERVOUS.  I let muscle memory take over and it went better than I expected (although much work is needed on my spare shooting... of course!).  Makes me itch to join a league sometime in the near future :)

"I can carry the ball all by myself!"

The ball return is the most exciting thing in the whole bowling alley

Taking a break from bowling for a bite of her candy necklace

Her form is a "work-in-progress"

No interest in watching the ball hit the pins :)

The glove and candy necklace were essential pieces to her bowling attire :)

Enjoyed the warm weather on Saturday

Got a chance to take Mariah's Christmas present for a spin around the court!

"When is it my turn to drive, Mom!  This girl is crazy!"

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