13 January 2013

Our Week - 1/7/13 - 1/13/13

  • Madden started taking A LOT more steps this week.  He's really stable standing, but has been a little hesitant to move his feet.  This weekend he really started going!!  So fun and exciting.
  • Mariah practiced coloring in the lines this week - it may or may not have consisted of her drawing lots of lines across the paper.  It's a work in progress.
  • Mike and I began training for a half marathon - our plan is to run the race in St. Louis in April!  It feels good to be training for something again.  And Mike it super ambitious to make his first race a HALF!!!

While in the car:  
Mariah: "Hey Madden, look at my finger, i hurt it"
Me: "How did you hurt it?"
Mariah: "No mom, I'm talking to Madden!"

Putting her to bed at night lately she wants to "tell us a funny story.
The story always goes like this:
"One time, there was a ladybug down the street and a giant dinosaur came and bited her!" The End.  (I'm waiting for the funny part... :)

Birthday Parties!

We had two parties to go to this weekend.

The first was for Caleb - he celebrated his 2nd birthday with a super cute Sesame Street party.  We all had a great time watching him blow out his candle and open his presents.  The balloons were quite the entertainment for all the kids, as well! :)

Birthday boy getting his ELMO cupcake!

Opening presents

Mariah, being her crazy self :)

Madden checking out Caleb's new toys

Hunter and Mariah talking about their slinkys :)

The second party was for Kiera - celebrating her 1st birthday at Jungle Bungle.  The kids had a blast playing around - I haven't been there in ages!  Mariah even convinced Mike and I to go down the HUGE slide - the steepest, scariest slide I've EVER been down.  No joke, I will have nightmares about it.

Mariah in the play area
Kids playing

Birthday girl with her cake!
She's not sure what to think of it :)
The kids had a great time - Mike and I, on the other hand, were exhausted!  Thankfully we had Sunday to recover :)

I call this Madden's SCRUNCHY FACE.  He does it a lot :)

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