08 April 2013

{Our Week} - 4/1/13 - 4/7/13

Madden's favorite phrase this week is "UH OH!"  He is purposely dropping stuff just so he can say it.  It's pretty darn cute though :)

Mariah is becoming a pro at writing the letter "M".  Grammy and Grampy spent a lot of time working with her on all of her letters this weekend.  She's going to be more than ready for preschool this fall!

Mike and I spent the weekend in St. Louis.  It was a nice little getaway!  We ate some good food, did a little sight seeing, and some shopping, too!

The weekend ended with the Go! St. Louis half marathon bright and early Sunday morning.  Unfortunately Mike was out of commission due to his injured knee so I did it alone.  Given that the entire race felt like it was uphill, I was happy with my results (a PR for me!).

It was a gorgeous morning for a run! :)

Moby spent a fun weekend with his cousins Louie and Kenna (thanks to uncle Chris and aunt Larae for watching him!).  When we picked him up on Sunday he looked twice the size he was when we dropped him off!  The kids were so excited to see their puppy after a couple days away!

There's no denying the fact that Mariah has her daddy wrapped around her finger.  She's always convincing him to give her "one more" of this or that.  One evening this week was no different.  Mariah had been in her bed reading books and decided she wanted to pick out another book from downstairs.  Mike insisted that she didn't need any more books, she had plenty.  

Mariah was unhappy with his answer and told him:  "Daddy, that's not what friends do!"

He gave in immediately :)

The Park!

Once we were back from St. Louis Sunday afternoon we took the kids to the park for a little bit to enjoy the gorgeous spring day.  The kids had a blast!  It's so nice to see the weather finally warming up so we can enjoy the outdoors!

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