10 April 2013

Spring is in the Air {Wreath}

There's something very satisfying about hanging a wreath on your door, don't you agree?

I love switching out the decor based on the holiday or time of year.

The St. Patrick's Day sign went up, and then was replaced by the Easter wreath, but when Easter had come and gone I realized I didn't have a fun spring-y wreath to put up.

I did some digging around in my craft space and got to work creating a fun, bright colored wreath.  Easy AND cheap!

What you need:
Foam wreath
Washi tape
2 wooden dowels
Cutout shapes (you can find them at hobby lobby for around $1 each)
Super glue

The process is simple!

Choose 4 colors of wash tape and divide the wreath into 4 equal sections.  Wrap the tape around the wreath to cover the foam.

Once the washi tape is applied, glue two dowel rods spanning the middle of the wreath.  This will support the decor you add on top.

After drying for a few hours, add the decor.  I chose to cover 3 squares with washi tape and mount 3 spring wooden cutout pieces on top of the squares.

Let dry for a couple hours and add a ribbon on top - then hang on the door for all to see!

It's sure to brighten up your day!  And HOPEFULLY convince the warm weather to stick around for a while!

Happy Spring!!!

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