21 April 2013

{Our Week} - 4/15/13 - 4/21/13

Madden continues to amaze us with his growing vocabulary.  This week he conquered words like "cereal" and "outside".  He also enjoys yelling "HI!" to people as we walk through the store.  It's very cute!

Mariah - well this week was completely dedicated to her!  Mariah had a blast celebrating her birthday with so many of her friends and family members at Monkey Joe's (see activity section below!).  Seeing the smiles and laughter on her face is so amazing - totally makes it worth all the tough things you go through while raising a child.  I know I already say this, but WOW how time flies - I mean wasn't it just yesterday that we were trying to her her to sit up?  We are so blessed with a beautiful girl who is going to do big things in life!

Mike is working diligently on training Moby.  We've had some difficulty in the potty training department, but I am pleased to say that things are improving!   Mike has already been able to train Moby to "sit" and "stay", so he is obviously a smart dog.  Some...day.... right.... right?!

Oh ya, it was my birthday this week, too!!  The big 2-8!  Yikes.  Edging closer and closer to {thirty}.  My family made a nice dinner for me and spoiled me with presents I didn't expect in the least!  So thankful!

Mariah: Mom, let me tell you what time it is (looks at her wrist)
Me: OK, what time is it?
Mariah: It's..... 6 pounds!

(close enough - i mean, it is a unit of measurement!)

Mariah was playing a card matching game where you match two pieces (i.e. an "umbrella" with "rain") - i held up a piece that had a picture of a men's dress shirt...
Me: Mariah, what does dad wear to work every day with his dress shirt?
Mariah:  Hmmm... his head?
Me: (laughing) Ya I guess that's true, but try again.
Mariah: Um, his eyes?

(the correct match was "a tie")

Birthday Party at Monkey Joe's!

Mariah has been looking forward to this party for MONTHS!  She was so excited it was finally here!  This 3 year old partied hard and enjoyed every moment!  Check out the fun we had :)

What's a party without treats?!

Ice cream cone cupcakes

Pure joy!  Oh to be three...

Ready to blow out those candles!

Madden likes to eat.  This is no secret.

What?  There's something on my face?

Having a blast!
Best buds!  Baileigh and Mariah :)

Having SO much fun with her friends! 

Even took a ride on a giraffe! 

And caught tons of tickets in the wind machine (thanks to some assistance from her buddy Carver!)

Awww :)
Happy Birthday Mariah!  We loved celebrating with you! :)

Is this adorable or WHAT?!
Max didn't want Mariah to get trampled by bigger kids at Monkey Joe's so he kept her close by.


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