17 February 2012

my daughter - the technology pro

My 22 month old daughter Mariah amazes us every day. My husband has had his ipad for almost a year now, and early on he downloaded a free game for toddlers (a letters, numbers, animals matching game). He would play it with Mariah every now and then - she didnt necessarily get the concept being that she was barely 1, but she sure learned quickly how the touch screen on the ipad worked! Almost instantly she became a pro. Unlocking the ipad like it was nothing, scrolling through apps, finding her games and within a matter of seconds she is sitting on the floor playing. It's crazy!!!

When Mike and I both got the iphones in December, she quickly picked up the concept and with ease she unlocks my phone, finds various videos and apps shes interested in and off she goes!

Last night after I put Mariah to bed I was looking through pictures on my phone and found a couple new ones.

The photographer kind of gave herself away by catching her toes in the shot

She must have decided that they was not enough in the foreground, because then she captured the same shot with inserted sippy cup. :)

I laughed for a few minutes when I found these photos and had to share them! We have ourselves one technologically advanced toddler - but maybe that's just the way kids will be growing up in such a techno-savvy world. Mike and I joke that she will likely have a cell phone in Kindergarten - and I kind of wonder if that will be reality!

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  1. Haha love this! SO true, they pick up things so far! Download an app called "cupcake maker" it lets kids add ingredients into a bowl, stir, fill cupcake tins, decorated etc cupcakes. Pat showed B a couple times how to use it and already she is a pro! They have a "donut maker" as well. She likes it too!