23 February 2012

Oh Toddlers!

Toddlers are the funniest little people. Lately Mariah has been cracking us up with the funny things she comes up with. Here is a sample of her ever-expanding vocabulary:

Nicknames/pronunciations she has come up with:

"Manny" is her brother Madden (we have all started calling him this now!)
"Et" or "Ed" is her Uncle Evan
"Lou" is her Aunt Lori
"Ray" is her Aunt Larae
"Gampa" is both her Grandma and Grandpa Hopper
"Gampa Tom" is her Grandpa Payne
"LeahLeah" is her friend Olivia at day care (this is my favorite i think!)
"Erin" is her teacher Ms. Angie at day care (I dont get it either...)

Funny things Mariah says:

"Hi Mommy - nice to see you!"
"How's your day?"
"Manny nice"
"Riah do it!" or "RIAH'S!!!"
"Look at me!!"
"Hold me!"
"Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!"

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